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Play with Friends or Hunt Them Down in Dead by Daylight Mobile - Available on Google Play

Dead by Daylight Mobile: A Thrilling Survival Horror Game for Your Phone

If you are a fan of horror movies and games, you might have heard of Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game that was released on PC and console in 2016. The game has been praised for its intense and immersive gameplay, its diverse and unique characters, and its faithful adaptation of some of the most iconic horror franchises. Now, you can experience the same thrill and excitement on your mobile device with Dead by Daylight Mobile, a free-to-play version of the game that is fully optimized for mobile and now always by your side.

What is Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a survival horror game that pits four Survivors against one Killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse. The Survivors must work together to repair generators, open exit gates, and escape from the Killing Grounds before they are caught and sacrificed to a mysterious entity. The Killer must use their power, skills, and strategy to hunt down, injure, and hook the Survivors before they can escape.

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The game offers a variety of modes, maps, and scenarios to keep the gameplay fresh and unpredictable. You can play as either Killer or Survivor in solo or co-op matches, or join custom games with your friends. You can also participate in seasonal events, daily missions, and special challenges to earn rewards and unlock new content. The game supports cross-play between Android and iOS devices, so you can play with anyone anywhere.

How to Play Dead by Daylight Mobile?

The game has different rules and objectives depending on whether you play as Killer or Survivor. Here is a brief overview of how to play each role:


As a Killer, your goal is to stop the Survivors from escaping by killing them or sacrificing them to the entity. You can choose from a wide roster of Killers, each with their own power, perks, and playstyle. Some of the Killers are original creations, while others are based on famous horror characters such as Leatherface, Michael Myers, Ghost Face, Pyramid Head, and more.

You can use your power to track, chase, attack, or trap the Survivors. You can also use various items and add-ons to enhance your abilities or hinder the Survivors' progress. You can injure a Survivor with one hit, or put them into the dying state with two hits. You can then pick them up and carry them to a nearby hook, where they will be sacrificed after a certain amount of time. You can also kill them instantly with certain powers or offerings.

You have to be careful not to let the Survivors escape your grasp or rescue each other from the hooks. You also have to patrol the generators and prevent them from being repaired. If five generators are repaired, the exit gates will be powered and the Survivors will be able to leave. You can still catch them before they reach the exit gates or find a secret hatch that opens when only one Survivor remains.


As a Survivor, your goal is to escape from the Killing Grounds by working together with your teammates. You can choose from a diverse cast of Survivors, each with their own backstory, personality, and perks. Some of the Survivors are original characters, while others are based on famous horror heroes such as Laurie Strode, Ash Williams, Nancy Wheeler, and more.

You can use your skills, items, and environment to evade, distract, or fight back against the Killer. You can also use various actions and gestures to communicate with your fellow Survivors. You can repair generators by completing skill checks, which are quick-time events that require precise timing. You can also heal yourself or others with medkits or by finding a safe spot. You can rescue your teammates from hooks by unhooking them or using a flashlight or a toolbox to sabotage the hook.

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You have to be careful not to make too much noise or leave too many traces that the Killer can follow. You also have to avoid the Killer's power and attacks, which can vary depending on the Killer. You can use pallets, windows, lockers, or other obstacles to slow down or stun the Killer. You can also use perks or offerings to boost your chances of survival or escape.

If you are hooked by the Killer, you can struggle to delay your sacrifice or attempt to free yourself, but this has a low chance of success and will speed up your death. You can also hope that another Survivor will come to save you before it's too late. If you are in the dying state, you can crawl to a safer place or recover some health until someone heals you or picks you up. If you are the last Survivor alive, you can look for a hatch that will allow you to escape.

Who are the Characters in Dead by Daylight Mobile?

One of the most appealing aspects of Dead by Daylight Mobile is its rich and diverse roster of characters, which includes original creations and licensed characters from various horror franchises. Each character has their own backstory, appearance, personality, and perks that affect their gameplay and performance. You can also customize your characters with different outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and weapons that you can unlock or purchase with in-game currency.

Here is a table that shows some of the characters in Dead by Daylight Mobile and their respective franchises:




The Trapper

Dead by Daylight


The Wraith

Dead by Daylight


The Hillbilly

Dead by Daylight


The Nurse

Dead by Daylight


The Huntress

Dead by Daylight


The Legion

Dead by Daylight


The Plague

Dead by Daylight


The Oni

Dead by Daylight


The Blight

Dead by Daylight


The Doctor

Dead by Daylight


The Hag

Dead by Daylight


The Shape (Michael Myers)



The Cannibal (Leatherface)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger)

A Nightmare on Elm Street


The Pig (Amanda Young)



The Clown (Jeffrey Hawk)

Dead by Daylight

KillerAs you can see, there are many characters to choose from in Dead by Daylight Mobile, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and stories. You can play as your favorite horror icon or discover a new one. You can also mix and match different perks and items to create your own unique build and strategy.

What are the Tips and Tricks for Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a game that requires skill, teamwork, and strategy to master. Whether you play as Killer or Survivor, you will need to learn the basics and advanced techniques to improve your performance and rank. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

Killer Tips

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Killer and their power. Some Killers are better at tracking, chasing, or ambushing than others. Some Killers have a higher learning curve than others. Experiment with different Killers and find the one that suits your playstyle.

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