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Where To Buy Softball Gloves

I just placed my order and wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to Stacey for calling me back on a Sunday. This is my second order with you and hopefully many more in the future as I'm looking to take my hobby of repairing and conditioning others gloves into a more regular business.I really appreciated the great service the last time I ordered and it was an absolute pleasure to speak with you this evening.Looking forward to receiving my materials soon.Thank you!

where to buy softball gloves

I am now officially a fan of this site. I recently ordered some lace on a Tuesday night. I had expected to receive it on the next Monday. You guys shipped the order the next day! The lace came the following Friday! It was great. I am never going to shop online anywhere else.

Wow that's awesome! Thank you so much for that! And that's perfect timing! I love your business and how you run it! Anytime any of my teammates or I need anything with our gloves I'll come to you for sure! And I'd recommend you to anyone! Thanks so much again, couldn't be happier with your customer service! Very pleased to be one of your customers and I'll be buying from you again in the future.

I just placed my order and wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to Stacey for calling me back on a Sunday. This is my second order with you and hopefully many more in the future as I'm looking to take my hobby of repairing and conditioning others gloves into a more regular business.

I'm so glad to have a good and dependable place to order. Two of my grandsons, (personal info removed) ... My son laced their gloves...and a few of their teammates wanted theirs done at the last minute! Thanks again

3/16 inch wide is the standard width for most baseball and softball gloves. This is the lace that is used most often on the heel, the palm, the fingers and sometimes on the top of the web. Some gloves use the wider 1/4 inch lace for the web itself. You should check before buying your lace.

One single 72 inch lace is usually enough to do two sections on fielders gloves. To be safe you should order at least three pieces to do a complete glove replacing. More for catchers mitts and first base mitts.

Son love the strawberry and black cone sliding mitt and the quality is amazing. Suggest anyone looking to purchase a baseball glove should definitely invest in a absolutely ridiculous glove. Brought 4 absolutely ridiculous gloves with in the last 3 months and just purchased the banana glove. Amazing and great quality glove.

With Pro Stock Select leather for rugged durability, DRI-LEX technology for moisture-wicking breathability, and Integrated Honeycomb Cell padding for shock absorption, the Wilson A2000 softball glove provides top-of-the-line performance.

With Bio Soft Leather for consistent control, an Optimized pocket design for minimized break-in time, and an UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner for next-level comfort, the Mizuno MVP Prime softball glove ensures long-lasting durability.

Depending on their position, softball players use gloves of varying sizes. Shortstops and second basemen generally use gloves in the 11-inch range, while outfielders often use gloves that are 14 inches or larger. Softball players will most commonly use gloves 12 inches or larger as anything smaller than that may not be able to handle the softball.

Yes, baseball gloves can be used for softball however outfield baseball gloves are typically better for softball because of their larger surface area. Infield baseball gloves are smaller and usually do not have enough surface area to handle the larger softball.

The most common softball glove used by college softball players is the timeless Wilson A2000. Used by players from the NCAA to fastpitch programs and clubs, the A2000 provides a good value for average hands. With its textured leather, it will take the shape of your hand over time, improving feel and control with each game played.

For the past 120 years, softball gloves have been evolving. In the 1800s, softball gloves offered limited protection, with scarce finger padding and poor webbing. Laced fingers were added in the 1930s to improve grip and ensure a secure fit. Softball gloves today generally feature larger webbing and increased padding, for the highest level of protection possible.

Different positions require different styles of gloves. In softball, there are catcher's mitts, first base mitts, infield gloves, and outfield gloves. The largest and deepest glove is the catcher's mitt, heavily padded for extra protection and optimized to catch fastballs. A first base mitt is the longest of the gloves, offering extra length to help catch balls thrown from the infield. Shorter and shallower than other mitts, the infield glove is designed with an open web to keep up with fast-paced action. A closed web design is useful to pitchers, to help conceal the ball. Specifically designed to catch high speed balls, outfield gloves are perfect for players who are constantly having to leap and dive to make crazy catches.

The best softball glove depends on the position and playing style of the player, but popular brands include Rawlings, Mizuno, Easton, Franklin, and Wilson. The Easton Salvo Elite is perfect for players who want versatility, as it features a deep palm design and a secure wrist strap. The Rawlings Liberty Advanced is created with innovative technology to improve fastpitch performance. Designed with bio soft leather, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE Glove is preferred by professional and elite level softball players. Specifically optimized for outfield players, the Mizuno Premier offers a secure, simple fit that is lightweight yet durable.

We have a large selection of used youth and adult baseball gloves. Because we have such a large selection there are a variety of brands, models, sizes and colors. We carry over 150-200 used gloves depending on the time of the year. We are unable to put every used glove on our website. If you know exactly what you are looking for give us a call and we will check our inventory.

About 131,000 Mizuno baseball and softball gloves are being recalled because some gloves were found to contain a variety of molds that could cause respiratory or other infections in individuals with chronic health problems, or in individuals who have impaired immune systems. The gloves were sold at Wal-Mart and Target stores nationwide from April 2010 through May 2011 for between $24 and $60.

These size recommendations are an average and may not pertain to every player. They will give you a guide whether you are a Baseball, Fastpitch softball, or Slowpitch Softball player. First off, how is a glove measured? Fielders gloves and...

A good softball glove can make all the difference in catching a pop fly or making a game-changing catch. But out of so many options available, how do you decide which glove is the perfect fit for you? In this buying guide, we have listed out the features of a good softball glove, and what to look for when making a purchase to ensure you make an informed decision and find the perfect glove for your game.

Softball gloves can be made from either leather or synthetic materials. Leather gloves provide a classic look and feel and generally allow for more customization with break-in periods and lacing. Synthetic gloves offer flexibility and durability, making them ideal for beginners who may not have experience with break-in periods or lacing leather gloves. In either case, make sure you choose a material that is comfortable and sturdy enough for your game.

Consider the padding in the pocket and around your fingers when choosing a softball glove. A well-padded pocket and finger area offer comfort and safety while playing. Choose durable padding that meets your needs for long-lasting use.

Not all gloves require an extensive break-in period before being used, but some do require more time and effort than others before they are usable on the field. If you choose a glove that requires more time to break-in than others, make sure that you give yourself enough time before game day to ensure proper fitment and comfort when playing.

Consider the craftsmanship of the glove before buying it. Look for reinforced stitching in critical areas like the webbing, palm, and fingers, and materials that are well-cut and durable. Ensure that the lacing on leather gloves is strong enough to withstand prolonged use without needing repairs or replacements.

Comfort is essential when buying a softball glove since an ill-fitting glove can hamper performance regardless of its quality. Look for gloves that fit comfortably and snugly, with minimal bunching in key areas like the fingers and webbing. Additionally, ensure there is enough padding around important areas like the wrist and fingers for added safety during play.

The Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove is an excellent choice for recreational players who want a reliable and durable glove. With a 12.5-inch size, this glove is versatile and perfect for baseball and slowpitch softball, making it suitable for any position on the field. It features a basket web and quality full-grain leather for maximum durability. The Zero Shock palm padding provides extra impact protection, and the adjustable wrist strap ensures a customizable fit for greater comfort.

For any young softball player, the WILSON A550 Softball Glove is the perfect glove for practice and match day. Made from high-quality leather and featuring a quick-fit wrist for a secure fit, this glove is both stylish and functional with its neutral black, blonde, and white colors. The size options are ideal for young players to handle, and the H-Web design provides maximum stability while fielding. It has a great feel for catching both hard-hit balls and smooth fly balls and is designed to provide maximum dexterity and flexibility of movement in all positions on the field. 041b061a72


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