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Oh My God Hindi Movies Songs Download

Mike Blank [00:06:04] Doesn't it? I think when we spend time together talking about the Forever Transaction I was like, oh my God, that's like what we're talking about sort of. But your language, the language of forever promise actually encapsulates this idea very clearly. And so when we talked about the idea of having a mutual relationship, the amazing thing about a subscription is in its best form is that if you provide ongoing value in a convenient, frictionless way at a reasonable price, then the player in our case would be willing to spend time and engage with us and then spend their dollars at any time, even though I said earlier that we didn't want to replicate what was happening in traditional entertainment subscriptions. The first place we went was traditional entertainment subscriptions and that meant, well, Netflix has a big catalog of content. Well, we should offer a big catalog of content. And Spotify has a billion songs or whatever the number is. And we should offer thousands of games because that's what we thought people would want. We did a lot of research to understand what they would want. And frankly, when people say what they wanted a gaming subscription, oftentimes they say we want a lot of games. And so that's where we where we started. We started with offer a big catalog content, both old games and new games that would keep people engaged over extended period time when they got bored of one game and move on to the next game. That cycle would continue and they would stay engaged and reengage over a long period time such that the engagement time that they spent would not look like what it is today. In many cases, not just for us but for many other gaming companies where they try, they pay for a game, they play the game for pretty time, they stop playing and they either move on to some other form of entertainment, movies, music or otherwise, or some other gaming companies offerings.

oh my god hindi movies songs download


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