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How Chalk N Duster Celebrates Education in 720p HD Quality: Hindi Dubbed Movie

720p Chalk N Duster Movies Dubbed In Hindi: A Review

If you are looking for a movie that celebrates the value of teachers and education, you might want to check out Chalk N Duster. This is a 2016 Indian drama film that tells the story of two teachers who fight against a corrupt principal and a greedy board of trustees. The movie has been dubbed in Hindi for the convenience of the viewers who prefer this language. In this article, we will review Chalk N Duster movies dubbed in Hindi and tell you why you should watch them in 720p resolution.

720p Chalk N Duster Movies Dubbed In Hindi

What is Chalk N Duster?

Chalk N Duster is a movie that was directed by Jayant Gilatar, written by Ranjeev Verma and Neetu Verma, and produced by Amin Surani. The movie was released on January 15, 2016, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The movie has a well-intentioned message about the importance of teachers and students in an educational system that is becoming more commercialized and profit-oriented. However, some critics felt that the movie was poorly executed, with weak direction, camera work, and script.

The plot of the movie

The movie revolves around the emotional journey of two teachers, Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), who work at a Mumbai-based high school. They are passionate and dedicated to their profession and have a good rapport with their students. They also have a supportive principal, Indu (Zarina Wahab), who respects their work and values their contribution.

However, everything changes when a new principal, Kamini (Divya Dutta), takes over the school. Kamini is ambitious and ruthless, and wants to make money by upgrading the school to a high-end institution. She starts implementing harsh policies that affect the teachers and students negatively. She removes the teachers' chairs from the classrooms, charges them for tea, changes their subjects without consultation, and fires them without valid reasons.

Vidya, who is one of the senior staff members, suffers a heart attack after being dismissed unfairly by Kamini. Jyoti, who is Vidya's friend and colleague, decides to stand up for her and challenge Kamini and the board of trustees, led by Anmol (Arya Babbar). She uses a TV channel as a platform to expose Kamini's corruption and to raise awareness about the plight of teachers in India.

The drama culminates in a quiz show where Vidya and Jyoti have to answer questions related to education and win 5 crore rupees. If they lose, they have to accept their termination and quit teaching forever. Vidya and Jyoti use their knowledge and skills to win the quiz show and b70169992d


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