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Badminton Handbook : Training, Tactics, Competi... [UPDATED]

Badminton Handbook: Training, Tactics, Competition is written by Bernd-Volkner Brahms and was published in 2009. The book has two sections: the first talks about training theory and the second part talks about background information. This training manual gives readers an insight into the world of badminton, including training, specific techniques, tactics for singles/doubles, and tips from professionals. The book also includes many graphics and photos. Brahms combines training theory with background information to provide insightful details about badminton and advice to improve as a player.

Badminton handbook : training, tactics, competi...

High Performance Badminton was written by Mark Golds and Martin Andrew and published in 2016. This book is geared towards aspiring badminton players who wish to improve their skills. High Performance Badminton is filled with advice on how players can improve their game, alongside a section with tips and advice from professional players. Topics included in the book are the mental and physical approach to badminton, nutrition, training, skill development, and tactics. The book aims to help players prepare their bodies, practice proper nutrition, and help develop their skills for optimal performance. There are even helpful diagrams and illustrations included to help readers fully grasp each concept. 041b061a72


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