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Podnaslov The Maze Runner

What happens when the laws of YA franchises dictate that an amusing and relatively straightforward movie called The Maze Runner must get a sequel? In the case of The Scorch Trials, the answer is to lose the maze, keep the running, drop any trace of the Lord of the Flies-inspired social tension, and fill the rest in with boilerplate dystopian YA tropes and Game of Thrones cast members.

podnaslov The Maze Runner

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The films were all screened at multiplexes in the center of town, accessible from my hotel by the new sky train, the elevated subway that has gone into service in the last five years. The theaters were secreted deep within vertical shopping malls, up a maze of escalators, and through floor after floor of screaming video games, fast-food parlors, bowling alleys, ice-skating rinks, and stores selling everything a teenager might want. It was very loud, very vivid, very Blade Runner. I was surprised that anyone was able to find the theaters, but screenings were fairly well attended, at least compared with last year, when some films were apparently seen by audiences of one or two. Attendance was particularly impressive because all the films were shown in English, or with English subtitles. This language bias reflects the fact that the film festival was created and is sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, which is hoping to use it to promote the country and its culture. 041b061a72


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