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Intrusion 2 Full Version Hacked Arcadeprehacks

Intrusion 2 Full Version Hacked Arcadeprehacks

Intrusion 2 is a popular action platformer game developed by Vapgames and released in 2012. The game features a physics-based engine, realistic animations, and a variety of weapons and enemies. The game is set in a futuristic world where a rogue military corporation has taken over a remote planet and is conducting experiments on its inhabitants. The player controls a lone soldier who infiltrates the enemy base and tries to stop their plans.


However, the game is also quite challenging and requires skill and patience to complete. Some players may find it frustrating or too difficult to beat the game without cheats or hacks. Fortunately, there are some websites that offer hacked versions of the game that give the player unlimited health, ammo, money, and other advantages. One of these websites is, which is a popular online gaming portal that hosts thousands of hacked games for free. has a hacked version of Intrusion 2 that can be played online or downloaded for offline play. The hacked version allows the player to toggle invincibility, infinite ammo, infinite jetpack, and infinite money. The player can also skip levels, unlock all weapons, and access the secret level. The hacked version also has some extra features such as a level editor, a custom soundtrack, and a fullscreen mode.

To play the hacked version of Intrusion 2 on, the player can visit this link. The player can also download the hacked version from this link. The downloaded file is a .swf file that can be opened with any flash player or browser that supports flash. The player can also use a flash projector to run the file as a standalone application.

The hacked version of Intrusion 2 on is a fun and easy way to enjoy the game without any frustration or difficulty. However, some players may prefer to play the original version of the game and challenge themselves to beat it without any cheats or hacks. The original version of Intrusion 2 can be purchased from Steam or from the developer's website. The original version also has achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saving features.

Whether playing the hacked or the original version, Intrusion 2 is an amazing game that deserves praise and recognition for its quality and innovation. It is one of the best action platformer games ever made and a must-play for any fan of the genre.


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