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Environmental Chemistry Lecture Notes Pdf

Environmental Chemistry Lecture Notes Pdf

Environmental chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the origins, movement, reactions, and effects of chemicals in the air, water, earth, and living environments. It often focuses particularly on the influence of human activities on chemicals in our world. Environmental chemistry is a vast and interdisciplinary subject that covers many aspects such as horticulture, agriculture, resource management, environmental management, and human health. In this article, we will introduce some sources of environmental chemistry lecture notes in pdf format that can help students and researchers to learn more about this fascinating field.

Environmental Chemistry Lecture by Prof. Zaini Ujang

This is a set of lecture notes on environmental chemistry by Prof. Zaini Ujang from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The notes cover topics such as pollution perspective, major pollutants, effects of pollutants on ecosystems, fate and behavior of chemicals in environment, environmental toxicity testing, environmental monitoring, and instrumentations. The notes are written in a clear and concise manner, with diagrams and examples to illustrate the concepts. The notes also include references and exercises for further reading and practice.

Environmental Chemistry Lecture Notes Pdf


The pdf file of the lecture notes can be accessed from [this link].

Introduction to Environmental Chemistry by ACS

This is a sample lesson on introduction to environmental chemistry by ACS (American Chemical Society). The lesson aims to describe the nature, importance and scope of environmental chemistry and advance an understanding of basic chemistry including atoms and their components, elements, compounds and chemical reactions. The lesson also discusses some global and microscopic examples of how environmental chemistry affects the world in diverse ways, both beneficial and detrimental. The lesson also introduces some new trends that strive to introduce eco-friendly chemicals and improve sustainability in their production.

The pdf file of the sample lesson can be accessed from [this link].

Basic Concepts of Environmental Chemistry by S.E. Manahan

This is a book on basic concepts of environmental chemistry by S.E. Manahan, a professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Missouri. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and applications of environmental chemistry, covering topics such as environmental compartments, chemical kinetics and equilibrium, thermodynamics, acid-base chemistry, oxidation-reduction reactions, organic chemistry, biochemistry, toxicological chemistry, water quality and treatment, air quality and pollution control, soil chemistry and waste management. The book also includes case studies, examples, problems, and references to enhance the learning experience.

The pdf file of the book can be accessed from [this link].

We hope that these sources of environmental chemistry lecture notes in pdf format will be useful for anyone who wants to learn more about this important and relevant field of science.


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