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How to take care of Matching Rings For Couples?

The precious rings are like keeper of emotions and memories. just think about how much engagement rings, special gifts or the precious gifts we give ourselves mean. The most important thing is to make sure that these treasures will last forever. It is important to take good care of your rings.

There are steps that you can take to ensure your ring stays as beautiful as the day you got it. It is important to keep it clean regularly. This will not only protect its value, but will also maintain its shine. Make sure you give it periodic maintenance, a tiny gesture that can make a difference over the long term. This blog will help you understand how to do it.

How do you clean an engagement ring

Use a few household products to thoroughly clean your ring.

Fill the glass with hot water and add a few drops of dish soap. (We recommend using a glass, rather than washing the ring in the sink, in order to avoid dropping and losing it.)

Use a soft or baby toothbrush and gently massage it along the sides, front and back of the center stone, getting into any crevices where dirt may build up.

Place the rings on a soft cloth or piece of kitchen paper and dry it completely.

After cleaning, you may be able to see that the stones appear lighter or less saturated. You haven't altered the appearance of your center stone in any way, however the removal of dirt may make it appear darker and duller. This is common, especially in the case where the stone you're cleaning is an aquamarine or lighter hue.

For occasional fingerprints or quick polishing, you can also get a professional jewelry cleaning cloth.

Check out our guide on how to clean jewelry

We do not recommend using anything that is stronger than your ring or specific jewelery or metal solutions without first consulting your jeweler to ensure that they are suitable for your specific ring.

If you're seeking a more advanced solution, you might want to consider investing in an ultrasonic cleansing device that will literally blast dirt off your rings. It's suitable for all gemstones other than the emeralds. To use an ultrasound machine simply fill it up with soapy warm water put the ring in and turn it on. Make sure to check the specific model for instructions.

Engagement ring maintenance

Make sure you take care of your engagement ring with annual maintenance with your jeweler of choice. The prongs could become looser as you wear them, so your jeweler will tighten the prongs when required. This gives you more security. Furthermore, the professional will carefully clean the ring and then restore it to its splendor.

How to avoid damaging the ring of your engagement

It is essential to take care of your engagement rings in order to keep them shining and in good shape. Making sure that damage to your ring is less of a problem than you might think, just be careful in a few common situations where many people have lost or damaged their precious jewelry.

First foremost, don't wear the ring when you are in areas of extreme temperatures, such as saunas or very hot environments. Heat can affect the brilliance and shine of your jewelry.

It is also important to avoid submerging rings into hot tubs or swimming pools which contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals could harm the beauty of the ring in time.

If you enjoy swimming, remember to remove the ring before diving into the water. The ring might slide off as the finger shrinks due the cold.

Even one day at the beach could be risky for your ring. Small particles of sand could enter the frame and cause unintentional scratches.

Take care when lifting heavy objects such as a suitcase or weights at the gym. Unintentionally, you could break the ring accidentally. Be aware that with a little attention, your engagement ring will always remain a beautiful symbol of your love.

How do I fix an Engagement Ring

The first step to taking care of your precious jewelry is to examine it. Examine the band: do you see visible scratches? Are there any stones missing or loose? Verify if the ring's too loose or tight. Knowing the condition of your ring is the first step to making informed decisions regarding the care and maintenance of your ring.

One of the most commonly used methods for engagement rings is resizing. If the ring is wide or loose, sizing guarantees an ideal fit. This requires the addition or removal of metal from the band, and, if necessary, inserting a stacked ring to achieve the perfect fit.

It's not uncommon to find missing or loose stones. The stone may need replacing or reinserted, if it's an errant diamond or a damaged colored gemstone.

Over time the prongs which hold stones in place can weaken. If they are not maintained, they could cause the stones to break or fall. It is possible that you will need to tighten the prongs a second time or even rebuild them if you find that the stone is falling.


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