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Still Beating By Jessie Walker

As they press forward, Sam begins to remember Carol's threats regarding the walkers eating him up; he witnesses a little boy walker strolling among the herd and immediately freezes up in fear. Jessie, Rick and Ron attempt to encourage him to move, to which Sam responds by tearfully voicing his concerns to his mother. This however, gives away his position and Sam is quickly grabbed and devoured. Jessie crys out hysterically for her son, still holding onto his hand but this begins to attract walkers. Distraught over Sam's death, Jessie completely shuts down with Rick calling out to her as well as Carl to; tugging her by the hand. She remains in an unresponsive state as a walker suddenly latches onto her from the front and is quickly swarmed. As her screams echo, Rick watches on in horror; becoming emotional and begins to have quick flashbacks to when he first met Jessie. Carl alerts Rick, snapping him out of his trance to realize that Jessie is still clinging on to Carl's hand. Rick pulls out his axe and hacks off Jessie's hand, freeing Carl, and her remains are left to be devoured.

Still Beating by Jessie Walker

A walker soon latches onto Jessie's shoulder to which she doesn't react to and suddenly she is swarmed and devoured while still gripping on to Carl's hand. Seeing this, Rick hacks her hand off to save his son's life, letting Jessie get dragged to the ground to be completely devoured. 041b061a72


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