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Mercedes Benz Audio 30 Aps Version 10.1 Download

Mercedes Benz Audio 30 APS Version 10.1 Download

The Mercedes Benz Audio 30 APS is a navigation system that was installed in some models of Mercedes Benz cars from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. It features a CD player, a radio, and a CD-ROM drive that can read navigation CDs with map data for different regions of Europe. The Audio 30 APS also supports Traffic Message Channel (TMC), which provides real-time traffic information and route guidance.

The Audio 30 APS was originally designed by Becker, a German manufacturer of car audio and navigation systems. The software version of the Audio 30 APS is indicated by the part number on the navigation CD. The latest version of the software is 10.1, which was released in December 2008. The part number for this version is B6 782 3967.


The version 10.1 of the Audio 30 APS software does not have any significant changes in the map and TMC data compared to the previous version 10.0, which has the part number B6 782 3784. However, it has some internal software fixes that may improve the performance and stability of the system.

If you own a Mercedes Benz car with an Audio 30 APS system and you want to update your software to the latest version, you may be wondering how to download the navigation CD for version 10.1. Unfortunately, there is no official way to download the CD from the internet, as Mercedes Benz does not provide any online service for this purpose. The only way to get the CD is to buy it from an authorized dealer or a third-party seller.

The price of the navigation CD for version 10.1 may vary depending on the seller and the availability of the product. As of April 2023, the average price of the CD on eBay is about $300 USD. You can also find some sellers on other online platforms, such as Amazon or AliExpress, but you should be careful about the authenticity and quality of the product before making a purchase.

Another option to get the navigation CD for version 10.1 is to burn it yourself from an ISO file that you can find on some websites or forums dedicated to Mercedes Benz enthusiasts . However, this method is not recommended, as it may violate the intellectual property rights of Mercedes Benz and Becker, and it may also damage your Audio 30 APS system if the CD is not properly burned or compatible with your device.

In conclusion, if you want to update your Mercedes Benz Audio 30 APS system to the latest software version 10.1, you have to either buy or burn a navigation CD with the part number B6 782 3967. However, you should be aware that this version does not have any major improvements over the previous version 10.0, and that downloading or burning the CD may involve some risks and costs.


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